Breaking the silence ... one voice at a time

An anthology of personal accounts by victims of alcoholism

Can alcohol ruin lives?
On average an alcoholic negatively affects the lives and happiness of at least six people!


 ‘Cheers’ shows you that you are not the only one. You too can take the necessary steps to find a way out of a seemingly hopeless situation! 

This special book is an anthology of the true stories of people who live with, or care about, an alcoholic and some alcoholics themselves.


‘Cheers’, a book with a message!


You will learn that you are not alone, that your story is not that different from that of others.

‘Cheers’ describes the true stories of children, partners, family members and friends of loved-ones with an alcohol problem and the experiences of health-care workers and alcoholics themselves. In addition, the book gives information about how to recognize an alcoholic, alcohol poisoning and delirium. There is also a chapter with advice on where to go for help. The short, accessible stories in ‘Cheers’ will be recognizable by many people. This recognition can be an important incentive to seek help. Because there is help!


This book was written for the large group of people who live with or have lived with an alcoholic. However, it is also a valuable source of information for teachers and those who work in the health sector as it will give you a greater understanding of what alcoholism can do to those who are affected by it, either directly or indirectly.


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Renate van Nijen, Author of Cheers, next to the painting she created for the cover!

About the author:

Renate van Nijen, is a Dutch internationally exhibited artist and writer of eight books.  However, she feels very passionate about ‘Cheers’ as she herself has lived together with a so-called functional alcoholic for twelve years. The powerlessness that she saw in her partner, and also her own impotence to turn the situation around, made her decide to write this very special book, which can help others to change their view of what living with an alcoholic means to many people. 

Renate van Nijen:


Many believe that an alcoholic is someone who is homeless and always has a bottle of alcohol in his pocket. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Alcoholism affects both men and women and partners and children can suffer in silence as a result of shame and misunderstanding. There are alcoholics who have to drink every day, but there are also so-called binge-drinking alcoholics who, for example, only drink during weekends and holidays.

There are many functioning alcoholics who are holding down a job. However, the consequences of problem drinking for our society is much larger than many want to believe. Health care services not only have to deal with the alcoholic, but also with those in their direct environment who can suffer all sorts of health problems either due to stress or physical abuse.

What others are saying about Cheers!

“What an inspirational idea to write this book! I found it to be very well written, interesting and informative about alcoholism. It describes very well the different types of alcoholism that people may not be aware of. Most thought provoking, were the functioning alcoholics who carry on with their lives sometimes unaware that they are addicted. The book is very sensitively written and gives helpful hints, for people and the families affected. You feel that you have met some of the character types in the book. “Cheers” has already helped some people to give up alcohol. As a nurse, I believe that it should be recommended for schools and health care workers, as a prevention and awareness scheme, for this very prevalent addiction in our society. Renate has done her research very well and has spoken to interesting characters from all around the world. 

Wendy van Vreeswijk Simpson

“Great bedside table book true to life stories. A good understanding of alcoholism and how it effects people. Highly recommended.  “

Maddy White

“I read `Cheers’ in one day. Renate, your book is moving, sensitive, heart-wrenching, educational and hopeful (I didn’t want to put it down until I had finished it).
Some stories made me cry with compassion (not pity) for the courageous individuals that are abundant in the book (warriors, rescuers, tormented souls and sages), and some stories made my heart swell with respect… Thank you, Renate, for having the passion and inclination to reach out to the people whose cathartic micro-histories are featured; and then, to go further by creating a resource for others in isolation `out there’ with similar experiences. They are not alone. May your book be a catalyst for change and healing on all levels, especially societal and humanitarian.” 

Lauren Sebastian


“This book offers the reader aspects of the different voices of alcoholism that may not have been considered before. It is a compelling read and well written in a true and transparent way. One to be recommended! “

Susie James

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